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Sample Coolers

Single Tube, Dual Tube, Multi Tube

Ed Reed Company offers an extensive line of high performance Sample Coolers manufactured by Sentry Equipment. Sentry’s products yield the coolest samples for safer grab sampling and protection of downstream analytical equipment.

Power and Process Sampling Icon

Power and Process Sampling

Steam & Blowdown Sampling, Custom Process Sampling

Steam & Boiler Blowdown sampling stations and rack/shelters are engineered and manufactured by Sentry Equipment. Custom process sampling solutions are manufactured by Reetex.

Thermal Piping Icon

Thermal Piping

Ball Joints, Slip Joints, Pipe Supports/Guides

ATS Slip Joints and Ball Joints provide an alternate method of absorbing significant amounts of axial pipe growth and flexibility for equipment or tank connections. Sizes range from 1/2" to 48". Temperatures can reach up to 1000F.

Heat Transfer Icon

Heat Transfer

Compact Heat Exchangers, Boiler Blowdown Heat Recovery, Water Chillers

Heat Exchangers include Helical & Spiral and Plate & Frame. Boiler blowdown heat recovery systems to 90% recovery. Water Chillers 2-200 tons of air or water cooled.

Water Conditioning Icon

Water Conditioning

RO Systems, Softeners, Water Filtration

Softeners, Demineralizers, and RO systems are manufactured by Isopure and Reetex. Water Filtration Systems are manufactured by Vortisand.