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Single Tube

For your samples that bring a very high delta T service, Sentry manufactures 1/4" (TR series) and 3/8" (FR series) LONG tube coolers with internal cooling water side baffling.

Tube lengths come in 19ft, 38ft, and 50ft lengths. The tube is wound in a double helix to save space and increase cooling water turbulence.

Flow rates are typically 500-2500 cc/min.

TSR (¼” x 19ft) Bulletin (pdf)
TLR (¼” x 38ft) Bulletin (pdf)
FLR (3/8” x 38ft) Bulletin (pdf)
FXR (3/8” x 50ft) Bulletin (pdf)


Spirally wound Tube-in-Tube full counter flow heat exchangers are well suited for a variety of applications where low to moderate flow rates of moderate (up to 300F) temperature and/or high pressure fluids need cooling (or heating).

Applications include: sample cooling or heating, seal flush cooling, high pressure samples (CW side is good for high HP also), pilot plants, 0-5 gpm heat transfer services, dirty or slurry fluids.

DTC-4 (¼” x 19ft) Bulletin (pdf)
DTC-6 (3/8” x 19ft) Bulletin (pdf)
DTC-8 (½” x 19ft) Bulletin (pdf)


For your samples that require a high sample flow rate (ie 0.5+gpm), Sentry manufactures a very efficient (yet compact) spiral tube heat exchanger.

Coiled design allows:
  •  Thermal expansion without shell side expansion joint; temperatures to 1500°F.
  •  Flow rates of 1/2gpm to 300 gpm.
  •  Design Pressures to 10,000 psig.

Spiral Multi Tube Bulletin (pdf)

Sentry sample cooler effectiveness with 85°F cooling water:

Sample In Cooler Tube Sample Out
Steam/Water Water 450°F, 1000 cc/min TSR-4225 (pdf) 1/4" x 19 feet 100°F
Steam 650°F, 1500 psig, 1000 cc/min TLR-4225 (pdf) 1/4" x 38 feet 93°F
Steam 650°F, 1500 psig, 1500 cc/min FLR-6225 (pdf) 3/8" x 38 feet 100°F
Hydrocarbon Benzene 500°F, 1500 cc/min TLR-4225 (pdf) 1/4" x 38 feet 87°F
Thermoil 700°F, 800 cc/min FXR-6222 (pdf) 3/8" x 52 feet 100°F
Naptha 214°F, 2 gpm WSW (pdf) / DTC-8 (pdf) 1/2" x 19 feet 126°F
Available for immediate delivery 24/7, Ed Reed Company stocks 8 different models of our single tube units (TR, FR and WSW) in Houston.